Mr. Sounthirarajan Kumarasmy, Inventor and Founder of NG Automobile Engineering Private Limited, India and Naripa Motor Corporation, Japan, has over 18 years of experience in various Industries like Textile, Automobile and Laser. His areas of expertise include Innovative Concept and Engineering Design in various fields. His pure vision is to become a world's leading cleanest innovative technology provider and to create a sustainable energy solution for better, safer and healthier world.

His earlier research concept evolved on convergent photo voltaic system which was started in 2003. This is a high tech Laser electric power generator which produces huge electric power than coal, fossil fuels or other sustainable energies. For this invention, he got the Patent dated November 5th,2003. Subsequently, another research was started in 2008 to find an immediate solution by using the existing IC Engine. As a result, dual source High- Tech hydrogen fuel generator has been invented which is a clean energy and a boon to the mankind. For this invention, he got the Patent dated November 27th,2018.